Mixed Catastrophes

Mixed Catastrophes

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A world full of strange and brutal phenomena and catastrophes!

Time is distorting, today can become tomorrow, or even yesterday. A freezing cold forces you to stay near fire. A radiant sky burns the lands. An array of Lightning threatens those without shelter.

Your actions have consequences and contract curses. These might make your food try to eat you, or cause your attacks to misfire.
Over time, your terror will grow. You will hear voices, become paralysed, and be assaulted by ever increasing packs of mobs.

The horrific whispers will reveal secrets to you. Use your secrets, to perform powerful rites to multiply your resources, remove your curses, or even save yourself from death.

The Official Guide:

Here you can find the Wiki:


/mx-cs help
Opens an inventory with informations to the content of the plugin.
Needs no permissions to execute.

/mx-cs dealWithDevil
Content of the plugin.
Gain some basic resources, but also 1 Greyhat Debt.
Made for use with IslandGenerator Plugin.
Can be disabled in config.
Needs no permissions to execute.

/mx-cs reload
Reloads the plugin.

/mx-cs catastrophes activate
Activates the plugin content.

/mx-cs catastrophes deactivate
Deactivates the plugin content.

/mx-cs aspect <aspect> <value> (<player>)
Sets the Aspect to specified value.

/mx-cs weather <weatherCatastrophe>
Triggers Weather Catastrophe.

/mx-cs timeDistortion
Triggers Time Distortion.

/mx-cs starSplinter (<player>)
Triggers a Star Splinter.

/mx-cs terror whispers (<player>)
Triggers Horriffic Whispers.

/mx-cs terror assault (<player>)
Triggers an Assault.

/mx-cs terror stalker cause (<player>)
Causes a Stalker.

/mx-cs terror stalker clear (<player>)
Clears all Stalkers.


/mx-cs reload
default: op

/mx-cs catastrophes activate
/mx-cs catastrophes deactivate
default: op

/mx-cs aspect
default: op

/mx-cs weather
default: op

/mx-cs timeDistortion
default: op

/mx-cs starSplinter
default: op

/mx-cs terror whispers
default: op

/mx-cs terror assault
default: op

/mx-cs terror stalker cause
/mx-cs terror stalker clear
default: op

Includes all other MixedCatastrophes permissions.
default: op


# Default values worlds: world commands: dealWithDevil: true interaction: constructCheckPeriod: 30 timeDistortion: true starSplinter: true preventNaturalIronGolem: false construct: greenWell: true blazeReactor: true blitzard: true lighthouse: true scarecrow: true enderRail: true weather: radiantSky: true searingCold: true thunderStorm: true gravityLoss: true catsAndDogs: true aspect: terror: whispers: true assault: true paranoia: true stalker: true misfortune: collectable: true missAttack: true natureConspiracy: collectable: true ravenousFood: true theHorde: true celestialFavor: saveEssence: true starMercy: true greyhatDebt: seizeDream: true resolve: virtue: true critAttack: true damageReduction: true hintList: Type “/mx-cs dealWithDevil” if you are stranded on an Island. Radiant Sky blinds you, if you have no shelter. Radiant Sky is harmless at Night. Stay near Fire or other Sources of Warmth, to protect against Seering Cold. Seering Cold is worse at Night. The greater your Terror, the more Secrets you get from Horrific Whispers. Assault Frequency and Serverity scale with your Terror. To much Terror can make your Life harder. Certain Blocks near the Bed can modify your Dreams. Try igniting certain Blocks over Stone Bricks. Try igniting certain Blocks over Glass. Try igniting certain Blocks over Quarz. Try igniting certain Blocks over Glowstone. Try igniting Iron over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Gold over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Diamond over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Emerald over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Lapis Lazuli over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Redstone over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Coal over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Quarz over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Soul Sand over certain other Blocks. Try igniting Bookshelfover certain other Blocks. Try igniting Terracotta over certain other Blocks.


All the worlds affected by the MixedCatastrophes.

What commands should be active.

Activate or deactive Interractions and Events at will.

Possible hints messaged during Horriffic Whispers.

Recomended plugins

Mixed Achievements
Adds custom achievements.

Island Generator
Use this plugin for a more interresting and challanging expirience.


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