Island Generator Plugin for Minecraft 1.17

Island Generator Plugin for Minecraft 1.17

Minecraft 1.17

Island Generator Plugin for Minecraft

Download now for free the Island Generator Plugin for your Minecraft 1.17 Spigot Server

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Create your custom islands in every world!

Recommended to use in void worlds, but can also be used in others.
On every island a chest will be spawned, which when clicked, will drop loot.
The content multiplier can be modified via the config.yml.
Should the server overload, try setting the “tickBuffer” in the config file to a higher number, to give the server the oppertunity to relax.

/mx-ig reload
Reloads the plugin.
/mx-ig generate
Generates the islands within ** cube defined by “spawnRadius” in the config file.
This will not override existing Islands.
You can increase “spawnRadius” and generate again, to expand the world.
This can take a while.
/mx-ig regenerate
Removes all existing islands, which are unlooted, and generates them again.
This will remove blocks built on them.
It will do nothing, if the island chest is looted.
This can take a while.
/mx-ig lookupLoot
Shows the percentage of chests looted in the world.
/mx-ig config
Sets the value of the config file.
possible keys:
– tickBuffer (number >= 0)
– lootMultiplier (number >= 0)
– spawnRadius (number >= 1)
– islandDistance (number >= 1)
– islandRadius (number >= 1)
– worlds (can have multiple values)
Includes all other IslandGenerator permissions.
default: op
/mx-ig reload
default: op
/mx-ig generate
/mx-ig regenerate
default: op
/mx-ig lookupLoot
default: op
/mx-ig config
default: op
spawnRadius: 100
islandDistance: 50
islandRadius: 20
tickBuffer: 1
– world
lootMultiplier: 20
All islands generated will be within a ** cube.
The centers of the islands have a minimum of blocks distance to each other.
The average radius of an island is blocks wide.
The generator waits ticks after every generated island, so the server wont be overloaded.
All the worlds affected by the IslandGenerator.
How much loot will be generated by the chests.
The average value will be iron bars.

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